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CLEARANCE!! MX-1 Goalie/Player Sneakers


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MX-1 Goalie/PLAYER Sneakers


Protective Toe and Heel

Slots in Sole for Boot Strap

Open Chanel Sole for Toe Ties

Light Weight Design

The MX-1 Shoe features a unique sole that allows you to thread heel strap and toe ties into the shoe allowing for better pad control. Achieving and maintaining a proper butterfly formation is made easier by this design and allows for better pad control overall. The protective toe and heel help prevent injuries from slap shots or slashes. Furthermore, the strapping system pulls the goalie pads over the top of foot creating better overall protection and coverage. 


The H-1 was designed for elite ball hockey players. The super protective toe and heel will keep you in the game while the new dual layered tread pattern will ensure a win doesn't slip away! 

Sizing Guide: Most players wear a size smaller in these sneakers. 

30 Day Warranty