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Broom Sauce Kit


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Two (2) Supersized Broomball Nets

Four (4) Broomballs

Eight (8) Outdoor Stakes

Two (2) Net Travel Bag

Broomball Sauce! This kit features an oversized net adapted for broomball use. The plastic stakes allow you to mount this net outside for a game of Broomball Sauce in the grass or sand. Simply pick teams (Orange vs Black) separate the nets by twenty feet and start shooting!


Set-up nets 20ft+ apart

Divide into two teams of two (Orange vs Black)

1 Teammate per net (Standing on opposite sides.)

Each team takes two shots per turn (alternating sides after shooting)

1 Point for any shots that bounce in, hit post or are deflected in by your teammate

Yes! Teammates can deflect shots in!

3 Points for a clean “Nothing but Net” shot

No interference! Interference by the other team is -3 points!

First to 21 wins!