Flow Floorball Stick (Senior)

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Floorball stick with the official IFF certification is ideal for players of lower competition, recreational play and beginners. The shaft is made of fibreglass fibres, compiled of several layers of mutually geometrically precisely oriented to achieve the ideal characteristics of shafts in terms of flexibility and strength. It is a medium-hard stick (flex 28 mmand flexible enough at the same timeStick shows excellent properties in both shots and in technical handling. Profile of the shaft is a classic rounded, tapering to the bladeFor grip is used standard Score grip, which fits perfectly in the handThe stick is equipped with a blade TWENTYThe blade is slightly curved and has a slightly shaped "propeller".

Floorball stick can be used mainly for a technical game, it is easy to shoot and do passes.

Level of optimal sport loading: 3

Length: 95cm

Left or right indication of the stick is not related to the curve but to the side where it is used. Also, the hand that holds the stick lower is the same as the indicator. So when the player plays on the left side, left hand holds the stick lower, so the stick is left even though the blade is curved to the right.